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Idea-- Before answering "What should I do?"
try asking, "Whom do I want to become?"

Individual Counselling for Men, Women or Youth


Some personal issues people bring to counselling:

  • • relationships
  • • communication
  • • hurts that still hurt
  • • physical problems
  • • anxiety, stress, panic attacks
  • • self-esteem and self confidence
  • • body image, weight & eating
  • • workplace problems
  • • loss
  • • abuse
  • • addictions
  • • loneliness
  • • anger
  • • failure
  • • depression


Challenging problems require an in-depth, holistic approach:

  • Work with your emotions — learn to name your emotions, befriend them, understand what they are trying to accomplish and where they are coming from; express emotions in healthy and constructive ways
  • Get out of your head and into your body — pay attention to areas of tension, postures, facial expression ... take care of the body while you take care of your emotions; draw on the wisdom of the body
  • Use your brain — identify and understand your thought patterns — take a look at your attitudes, values, priorities, behaviours and develop healthier patterns and habits
  • Pay attention to your dreams — when you’re asleep you’re not in control — discover the creative healing wisdom coming from your unconscious
  • Work with your spiritual beliefs — whether or not you’re religious, you have beliefs about the meaning of life, about love, about justice, about purpose, about the future ... tune in so you can either benefit from your beliefs or change them

Counselling by telephone is also available.


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